Witness Tree “Estate” Pinot Blanc


The Pinot Blanc variety is grown in very small quantities in the Willamette Valley.  Only two and a half acres in production, planted to the “Abbey Ridge” clone of Pinot Blanc, is a low-yielding, early-ripening, small-cluster vineyard site.… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Estate” Pinot Gris

Upon opening one is greeted with an intense bouquet of coconut, nutmeg, quince and white flowers.  With air, an underlying aroma of orange citrus comes through, yet is still predominated by the scent of coconut.  The initial palate… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Remari” Rosato

Named for the owners two granddaughters, Remi and Mari.  The “Remari” Rosato, or Rose’, exhibits aromas of strawberries, cherries, grapefruit and watermelon with a full palate of flavors, finishing with spicy nuances of soft acidity.  Great summer patio… Continue reading

“Vintage Select” Chardonnay

Our Vintage Select Chardonnay is a testimony to the excellence that results when the right wine-grape varietal is grown in the right place.  Our 30-year old Chardonnay vines sit on a due-east exposure on a gently rising slope… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Chainsaw” Pinot Noir

The “Chainsaw” Pinot Noir is a blend coming primarily from early planted chardonnay vines on which pinot noir was grafted.  This wine presents aromas of fresh berries, dried herbs and barnyard and maintains a pure, clean mouth… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Estate” Pinot Noir

Our Estate Pinot Noir is the harmonious union of all of the Pinot Noir sites at Witness Tree Vineyard – ultimately reflecting the blending of the distinctive flavors and textures produced by the varying soil types, vine ages, clonal-selections and… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Hanson” Pinot Noir

Our Witness Tree Vineyard “Hanson” Pinot Noir is a wine that is bottled only in exceptional growing seasons.  The Hanson block may be our premier site for growing full-bodied Pinot Noir.  Planted in 1999, the first release in… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Benchmark” Pinot Noir

“Benchmark” Pinot Noir comes from a 1.3 acre site in our Lower Vineyard that offers grace and finesse while displaying sheer power.  Extremely dark in color, Benchmark Pinot Noir is overflowing with aromas of black fruits and… Continue reading

Witness Tree Dolcetto “Remari”

A compound moniker – Remi and Mari together, in honor of our owners’ granddaughters – our Dolcetto “Remari” comes from a site that we like to refer to as an experiment gone right!  Native to the Piedmont region in… Continue reading

Witness Tree “Sweet Signe”

Named for the owners granddaughter, this incredible dessert wine was created by freezing the grapes and then pressing the frozen fruit.  The resulting juice is thus super-concentrated, and is then cold-fermented over the winter months–yielding an elixir that can… Continue reading