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50% sale on select pinot noirs
--2015 Pinot Blanc
--2015 Viognier
Pinot Noirs:
--2011 Vintage Select
--2011 Benchmark
--2013, 2014 Benchmark
--2013, 2014 Claim No. 51
--2014 Hanson

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Where to Find Our Wines

Locally in Oregon:

Currently our wines are available in various restaurants, wine bars, wine stores and retail outlets in the Portland and Salem areas.  Estelle Imports began distributing our wines in Oregon in August 2012 making our wines available in more outlets throughout Oregon.  If you’d don’t see our wine, please alert that retailer that you’d like them to carry our wines.




At this time we have distributors in approximately 20 states.  If you don’t find our wines, kindly let the business know you’d like them to do so.  Contact us, or click on the link below, to find the distributor in your area as they can direct you to the retailer who carries our wines.

Distributor List 2015