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Phone: 503-585-7874


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--2014 Auxerrois
Pinot Noirs:
--2014 Vintage Select
--2015 Benchmark
--2015 Claim No. 51
--2015 Hanson
--Sweet Signe'

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Fact Sheet

Contact Information:

  • Winery Name:      Witness Tree Vineyard
  • Address:              2111 Spring Valley Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304
  • Phone No.:           503-585-7874        Fax No.:  503-362-9765
  • Email:                  info@witnesstreevineyard.com



  • Vineyard started 1982
  • Purchased in 1994 by Dennis & Carolyn Devine
  • Current owners:  Dennis & Carolyn Devine and partners Steven and Sonja Westby.
  • All Estate grown/bottled
  • Total acres – 100; 52 planted
  • Named for ancient historical marker that oversees the estate which is a white oak tree.   The phrase “witness tree” is a surveyors term.
  • Primary wine focus is pinot noirs.  Also produce chardonnay, pinot blanc, viognier, pinot gris and chardonnay.
  • All wines aged in french oak barrels