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--2015 "Estate" Pinot Noir
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Witness Tree Dolcetto “Remari”

A compound moniker – Remi and Mari together, in honor of our owners’ granddaughters – our Dolcetto “Remari” comes from a site that we like to refer to as an experiment gone right!  Native to the Piedmont region in Northern Italy, the Dolcetto grape exhibits big, grapey spirited flavors!  We made this wine in the “Nouveau style” employing a technique called carbonic maceration.  Believe it or not, this wine was still on the vine just over a month ago!  Its fruit-driven character makes it a fantastic cocktail wine, while its natural acidity gives it the power to pair superbly with all kinds of food.  Its cult following and affordable price makes it sell completely out from our tasting room in a hurry every year!  Enjoy this wine now—it is perfect with your Thanksgiving leftovers!!

Bottle Price: $25.00 |  Order Now