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--2015 "Estate" Pinot Noir
--2014 Pinot Blanc
--2015 Viognier
--2011 Vintage Select PN
--2011 Benchmark PN

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Witness Tree “Estate” Pinot Gris

Upon opening one is greeted with an intense bouquet of coconut, nutmeg, quince and white flowers.  With air, an underlying aroma of orange citrus comes through, yet is still predominated by the scent of coconut.  The initial palate brings strong nuances of fresh Basque pear, with slight notes of yellow apples and lemon-lime.  The wine maintains a rather racy, aggressive acidity that tends to tone down and even-out with time and air.  The finish is clean and pure, with a thin, palate-coating quality that asks for another sip.  The Stand Sure Vineyard Pinot Gris is rather straight-forward in style and flavor profile, and is drinking quite well in its youth.  It will pair wonderfully with lighter fare such as Mediterranean salads, flaky white fish entrees, or simply with mild cheeses, fruit, bread and olive oil.

No longer available.